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Are meals included?

Miller Lake camp provides you with the space. We do not retain staff so food and cooking will be your responsibility. The kitchen is equipped with adequate fridges, stoves, ovens and freezer space. Local groceries can be obtained in Lions Head, Tobermory, or Wiarton.


Is the water drinkable?

Our water is clean. It is professionally monitored and tested weekly. We have never had an issue.

Is bedding included?

No. Renters will need to provide their own bedding. Hygienically covered foam mattresses are provided for the beds. Sheets and blankets can be used or sleeping bags work great. Rooms sleep anywhere from 4-8.


What about medical treatment?

Lions Head has a hospital that can treat most issues.


What about local wildlife?

The camp is just like any location in cottage country. We have the usual set of animals. Black bears do live on the peninsula. However, they have never caused a problem at the camp and local wildlife officials are always ready to help.

The Bruce Peninsula is also home to the Massasauga rattle snake—a threatened species. The Ontario website states: The Massasauga is a stout-bodied rattlesnake, usually about 50 to 70 centimetres long. It is Ontario’s only venomous snake, though it will only bite in self-defence if it is threatened or harassed. Only two deaths have ever been reported in the province due to a bite and that was over 50 years ago.

At the camp, the snake has been spotted in the past but only in the woods. They have never been a problem. If a bite did occur the Lions Head hospital would be able to handle the situation.


Is the waterfront child friendly?

Absolutely. While children should never be unattended, there is a safe and protected shallow area for kids and non-swimmers to enjoy the water. Life jackets are available in a variety of sizes.


Do I need insurance?

Every group rental will be required to provide proof of insurance.

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